The surreal routine of the life that leads to “The Rock” to be stronger than ever

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You wake up, you shower, you make the coffee, you go to work… Each person has a daily routine that makes it work better, and it is very difficult that two have the same. There are common things, like the fact of trying to get enough sleep to recover energy.

However, there are people who do not seem to need these hours as part of your routine, if not just ask Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who has stated the following:

“The only thing I have stipulated is that I have to get up before the sun rises so that you can have my two hours a day only, before that no one will be lifted and while the house is quiet”.

During this time, “The Rock,” takes advantage of it to meditate, exercise and relax in solitude before having to go to work.

“Often sacrifice about two hours of sleep to be able to have that quiet time that I need to before everyone up, including my animals.”

It has become one of the actors most sought-after in the current movies after the success of their latest films: Jumanji and the watchmen of the beach. Therefore, it is not surprising that the actor needs time to be relaxed before you start the madness that often characterizes their days.

“I need a mind when you start the day before the start of my routine sport. Those are my two anchors daily, once I’ve pinned, I can go to work and spend the rest of the day quiet. I am able to work 10, 12 or 14 hours if I’m sufficiently focused, and I do my routine at the beginning of each day.”

Each one carries the routine that is best for you feel your body, isn’t it? Remember that what will work because it does not have to be good for you.

What do you think the routine of “The Rock”? Do you think it is healthy to sleep so little?

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Source Insider

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