Tinashe chasing down Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner? WTF?

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Tinashe is chasing after her ex Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner. The NBA player says that his ex-girlfriend is obsessed and appears wherever he and Kendall are. Woow!

As you may remember, Kendall Jenner is going out with Ben Simmons, who was previously going out with the singer Tinashe. According to evil tongues, Kendall began to go out with Ben when he was still with Tinashe. I don’t know! That’s what they say, ok?

Well, according to TMZ, Ben says that Tinashe is chasing him, and appears in all the places where he and his girlfriend Kendall are. The roll is so “serious” that the man is thinking of hiring more security. SECURITY!!!

The singer appeared at Delilah on Thursday, and the couple was at Poppy in West Hollywood when she showed up also. Mmmmm… you got a tracker?

According to TMZ, Ben is convinced that Tinashe doesn’t accept the fact that he is with Kendall, and he has moved on. He believes that Tinashe is watching them and watching to see if there is any “crack” in his relationship with the model, Icon of the decade, the highest paid model in the world and its surroundings.

Ben’s source says that Tinashe is obsessed and he does not want to take the risk, especially for Kendall, so he will hire more bodyguards. LOL!

Tinashe stated that Ben was sending text messages to her when he was at Delilah on Thursday night, then the next day, apologized to him and admitted that she lied about it. WTF? CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND!!! LMAO! I can imagine the story in a reality show… Bahahahaha

Check out the video below for more info:

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