Todd Hoffman, whose Voice sweeps the networks

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You’ve probably heard it before some performances of the epic song, “Sound Of Silence“ since that is a tune very beautiful. From the interpretation of David Draiman with the band “Disturbed”, a few songs have become a challenge to be interpreted by the best voices.

Todd Hoffman, el hombre que ha demostrado que es más que una barba bonita y cuya Voz arrasa en redes

This song talks about the greatness of the singers of the past and its achievements. Just listening to the lyrics you will notice this.

The protagonist of today is a singer who manages to give another approach to the song and you’re about to see in the next video we bring you below. The interpretation of Todd Hoffman is a little softer than normal but has all the vocal power you’d expect in a theme like this.

Todd, who is known for his program on the Discovery Channel, surprised many people with a performance as epic of the star of “Gold Rush”. To Hoffman, is also known for other songs such as gold mining, to be a man of intelligent business in the mining industry and take care of his family. Oh, and of course, by his beard that is so characteristic.

Todd Hoffman, el hombre que ha demostrado que es más que una barba bonita y cuya Voz arrasa en redes

Until now, the singing was something that many fans didn’t expect that Todd would be able to do. However, he has recorded a video “improvised” with a friend that has managed to surprise us all. According to the singer, it was not a song easy to interpret. In fact, singing a tune with this vocal range is a great feat.

Todd commented that he knows that there is still a long way to go. But if you are not at the peak of his career yet, we will wait with pleasure more news about it.

What did you like about his performance? Do you expect something like that? So post your impressions in the comments section!

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