Tommy Lee accused his son Brandon of assault

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It was reported that Tommy Lee accused his son, Brandon of assault, the case is already on its way to the prosecutor’s office. Geeez!

The police told TMZ that the Sheriff’s Department of The County is about to conclude the investigation of the incident where Brandon hit his father Tommy Lee while they were discussing his mother Pamela Anderson. Tommy Lee claims that his son hit him but Brandon says that it was in self-defense.

As you may remember, Brandon hit Tommy Lee while they were discussing a post of the rocker on social media attacking Pamela Anderson, speaking about the abusive relationship which they lived.

It is said that Brandon, the son of Tommy with Pamela, has been cooperating throughout the investigation. Once the sheriff takes the case to the prosecutor’s office, Brandon will know what charges he faces.

Tommy Lee wants to move forward with a criminal complaint against his child, he even wants a restraining order against him. His Fiancee, Brittany Furlan called 911 after the coup and said that Brandon had hit his father, knocking him unconscious.

Pamela Anderson stated that Tommy Lee’s drinking problem is the reason for this altercation, called him a sociopath, narcissist and an out of control disaster.

So, Tommy Lee accused her son of assault, the prosecutor’s office will decide what charges, if any.

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