Woman cuts off her husband’s penis? WTF!!

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Romantic relationships are pretty complicated. The routine, to spend that much time with the same person and the grudge accumulated after so many years could reduce any jumping sparks to the minimum.

However, the majority of couples manage to overcome all these bumps and overcome any obstacle that is presented to them. Unfortunately, it is not always so.

Una mujer está siendo investigada por cortarle el pene a su marido de 50 años al no prestarle atención

In Yeosu, South Korea, authorities are investigating the case of a woman who allegedly cut off the penis of her husband of 50 years because “he was not paying her enough attention,” and threw it in the toilet. It is alleged that the wife could have attacked the husband with a kitchen knife while he slept because he spent too much time playing golf.

The stunned neighbors told the police that the couple seemed to have a good relationship. However, the wife, 54 years old, known as Ms. Kim, allegedly confessed to the officers that her husband was unattentive and spent too much time away from home playing golf. In addition, she excused her behavior by alleging that he had already acted in a violent manner with her before and that he never gave her money to live on.

Una mujer está siendo investigada por cortarle el pene a su marido de 50 años al no prestarle atención

A neighbor heard the man yelling and found him on the floor writhing in pain. Right away he called the ambulance and took him to the hospital. He is currently stable in the hospital, but, as is logical, is still very sore.

The police said that they will investigate more about the reason for the alleged attack before issuing an order of arrest. Local sources said that police suspected that Kim could have been attacked him after he was caught being unfaithful, but they have no evidence to support their theory.

Do you have an idea why someone might come to do something like that?

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