Zayn Malik dumped by manager 2 months prior to launch of new album

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Zayn Malik  has been left without a manager 2 months before the launch of his new album, but it was not that the singer who fired her, the manager dropped him. HA!

Personal and professional relationships of the former One Direction star seem to go in one direction, to the pipe. First, his relationship with the love of his life Gigi Hadid ended, and now Variety reports that his manager, for three years, Sarah Stennett, has quit. Bye, Bye! And such was the case, that she didn’t wait for Zayn to debut his album in June. And even though she has nothing bad to say about the decision to leave, she has let us see that the situation was a little complicated.

The manager was with Zayn since he made the decision to leave the band One Direction in 2015. She confirmed the news that she is no longer the manager of Malik to Variety, saying:

“Sometimes in life you have to take difficult decisions, to exert positive changes in someone.”

Sarah has not revealed the details, but anonymous sources say that this is more than a “happy” separation. Sources say that Zayn Malik is a problem to work with and rejected many promotional opportunities for his first album in 2016, Mind of Mine, and he refused to go on tour. However, they say that this time the boy will tour for his new album.

In 2016, during the short time that the promotional tour lasted for Mind of Mine, Zayn canceled a show in London at the last minute. Then he went on social media to admit that he had anxiety problems. But there’s a blind gossip that insinuated that his problem is drugs.

So, the manager of Zayn Malik leaves two months before the release of his new album… oh my… mystery?

Zayn Malik sin manager 2 meses antes de lanzar nuevo disco

Zayn Malik sin manager 2 meses antes de lanzar nuevo disco

Check out the video below for more details:

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