10 Reasons why cruise ships are not as perfect as they seem

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We have always been sold the idea that cruise ships are perfect, whether for movies such as Titanic (though sinking) or because companies deceive us with their great pictures and promises for our stay in them. However, today we show you some of the realities that you’ll have to confront.

Why not go on a cruise during the holidays?

1 – Long hours boarding

The fun starts at the time of boarding, or so we were told. ERROR. The queues to board the ship can be really long and you can spend quite a while in the security controls.

2 – The swimming pool

Sure, when you bought your ticket for this cruise you had seen photos of an empty pool which seemed ideal. However, it is unlikely that it is not full and you have trouble finding a place to put your towel.

3 – Jacuzzi

Forget about the idea of spending time alone with your partner in the jacuzzi, as it is almost impossible to be empty, as happens with the swimming pool.

4 – Dolphins and whales

They will promise you that you will see dolphins and all sorts of aquatic creatures overboard, but a few times they will pass and if they do pass, you are probably not looking.

5 – Cabin

There are some cabins that seem to be made for royalty, but you’ll have to pay a lot of money for them. Your cabin might be very average, and with little space.

6 – Baths

As with the cabins, there are luxury bathrooms, but others will remind you of the bathrooms on a plane with a shower.

7 – The workers

It is not a posh life, nothing glamorous, in fact, their cabins are smaller than yours, and they often have to share them.

8 – Stops

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Not all the stops that a cruise ship makes are going to interest you and that you like so that you could enjoy a lot for the short time you’re there.

9 – The beaches

If you are in a place with a beach, you better get used to the idea that it’s going to be more full that the swimming pool on the cruise ship.

10 – The dinner

Many cruises promise you a buffet every night, but not all are of good quality.

Have you ever vacationed on a cruise ship? Do you feel like you would want to do it after reading this?

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