4 Things You Should NEVER Do if You Have Muscle Soreness

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Even if you exercise regularly, surely you’ve suffered from muscle pain or soreness. Sometimes, this pain can be so intense that it prevents you from sitting or lifting your arms for several days.

In medicine, it is known as DMAT or muscle pain of delayed onset and is caused by breakage of microtissues muscle that helps the development of the muscle fiber

The vast majority of who people go to the gym or have gone at some time in their lives have put soreness as a reason to skip a day of training, however, the DMAT is not a reason to not exercise.

This is what not to do if you have muscle soreness

1 – Medicate

 Coach Tim Rich recommends not to use pain relievers before a workout so that you or your trainer can understand how your body reacts to training or to various exercises.

If a person takes painkillers before they exercise, they may strain their body more than they should, which eventually can cause injury. It is best to take pain relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs after a workout and whenever you’ve consulted first with your doctor.

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2 – Do Not Ignore the Pain

It is one thing to have DMAT and another thing is to be injured. If you did a lot of exercises, it is normal that you feel sore, says trainer Eric Chen. However, when the pain is more like a burning sensation, you should stop and rest.

It is best to go to a professional if you experience pain outside of the ordinary and that persists for several days.


3 – Do Not Skimp on Protein

Muscles are made of protein, therefore, to accelerate the process of regeneration of the muscular fiber, it is ideal to take some kind of protein immediately after a workout. Thus, in addition, it will also help you to develop more muscle in the long term.

Studies have found that recovery drinks that contain protein to help reduce muscle soreness more quickly in comparison with sports drinks normal based on carbohydrates.

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4 – Hard Training

If you’re too sore to keep exercising intensely, you can opt for training alternatives. If your legs hurt, you can exercise the abs or the arms, and vice versa.

Allowing the part of your body that is overloaded to rest while you work another, is a great way to optimize your time. You can also perform aerobic exercises of low intensity or yoga, because stretching can help to calm the muscles.

Do you also put soreness as an excuse to skip exercise? Let us know in the comments!

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