5 Reasons why washing your car is better than going to the gym

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If you are one of those persons that hate to wash your car as much or more than going to the gym, today you’re in luck, as leaving your car like new is considered a better exercise that many training routines. If your worst nightmare is to wake up on the weekend to go to the gym, now you’ll be able to replace it by washing your car which you can do outdoor with music at full speed.

What is it that makes washing your car better than going to the gym?

Removing dirt from the wheels is better than a round of squats

5 Razones por las que lavar el coche es mejor que ir al gimnasio

Squats, although it is hated, is the best exercise that you can do and since you have to sit down again and again on your feet, at least washing your tires serve for something and let your tires look as if they’re hot from the dealership.

Stretching your arms to reach every corner is perfect for the base of your back

5 Razones por las que lavar el coche es mejor que ir al gimnasio

Make sweeping motions with the arms outstretched will help you to reach every corner of your car, and you’ll get to clean it better and in less time.

Washing the roof  enables you to stretch your whole body

Stretching your legs on the tips is a stretching exercise that is perfect to increase the flexibility of your ankles, and strengthen the muscles of the calf. It is a stretch that is difficult to reproduce if you don’t have to stretch to reach anything, and if you’re of average height, you will have to stretch a lot to reach the center of the ceiling.

Leaving the interior as-new is the best cardio exercise

5 Razones por las que lavar el coche es mejor que ir al gimnasio

No matter how expensive your car is, the interior will become, eventually, a dunghill. From the dirt of your shoes, ash if you’re a smoker, dog hairs, and general grime. It is not enough to take out the floor mats, you have to work hard to really get it clean and after you leave it as new, you will be very tired.

Rubbing and rinsing exercises are perfect for toning the arms

5 Razones por las que lavar el coche es mejor que ir al gimnasio

Depending on the time that has passed since the last time you washed your car, removing the dirt from the surface can turn into a lot of work. Divide the work for your mind to see the result and can continue working your tired arms.

If after you clean your car you don’t have the feeling of having done a full workout, then your car is probably still dirty.

How long has it been since you cleaned your car? Have you managed to do that without spilling even a drop of sweat?

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